What Our Students Are Saying

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the ulpan! Meira is an awesome teacher and she always makes the class fun and a great learning experience for us. I appreciate that it’s a comfortable environment where its okay to make mistakes, and love that we have really substantive and interesting conversations.
— Student
I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a Sunday morning than with Ha-Ulpan. As a working person, I’d never have been able to find a class without the broad schedule offered by Ha-Ulpan. Now, on Sunday morning, I can gather on-line with a small group of people from all ages to learn modern Hebrew. It’s a friendly, low-pressure environment in which we really learn to speak. Chani (our teacher) is experienced, fun and patient. Can’t wait for next semester! Thank you, Ha-Ulpan.
— Deborah C.

Ha-Ulpan at Machon Avi is every Hebrew learner’s dream. The teachers here are outstanding — professional, incredibly experienced native Israelis, and passionate in Hebrew language. They make Hebrew learning such a fun and culturally enriching experience. I’ve been studying with them for the past two years and have made tremendous progress with the teachers’ help. I started as a complete beginner and now can carry conversations in Hebrew with native speakers, write articles and read easy newspapers. During the pandemic, classes move online smoothly. Teachers are accommodating and sensitive to students’ needs. They offer all levels-so wherever you are in your Hebrew journey, you’ll find something that’s suitable for you here. Come join the big family and explore the depth and wealth of the Hebrew language.
— Shira Hoshen (via Google)

I have been studying with Eran at the ulpan for a year. As a complete beginner, I was anxious at first but soon relaxed in the friendly class. I am very happy with the progress I have made. It’s a very effective, immersive teaching method, and Eran is a skilled teacher who creates a very supportive learning environment. The transition to online learning because of COVID-19 has gone well. Eran has adapted creatively to maintain an interactive, inclusive dynamic in the classes in this new forum. Highly recommend!
— Theresa H.

I’ve really been enjoying my Advanced class online. It’s been challenging and helped me speak Hebrew with more confidence.
— Sara Rivka Davidson

I have been studying at this Ha-Ulpan for a little over a year now. Although an adult student, I started with no knowledge, no reading, no comprehension, no conversation whatsoever. I had been to Israel and also love Israeli programs, TV series, movies which I wanted to understand. I have worked from Alef Bet to progressively improving my levels and intend to continue learning. I have been exposed to wonderful teachers such as the boss herself, Ahuva, and the very capable, creative and fun team including Ganit, Eran, Marganit and Ilana. The teachers have different styles which is a bonus and Ahuva is great at matching the students expectations and levels to the teachers. Now, what I enjoy the most aside from the steady progress and creative learning methods, specially now with virtual learning during corona, is the dedication and passion of the teachers who endeavor to engage all students and strive to share the Hebrew language, culture, and life in such a focused environment. I love it and highly recommend the virtual experience. No commute, lots of interaction.
— Bernadette B.

Just a quick note to tell you how great the program is for me and my wife, Susan! She’s really liking her teacher (Eran), and my teacher, Ilana, is wonderful! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in only three days. Thank you for organizing the program.
— Bob Freud

I’ve been coming to weekly classes at Ha-Ulpan for almost a year now, working my way up from beginner through the low intermediate level, studying mostly with Ahuva but also with Eran. Both are really good teachers. I think new students may be surprised that the method does not focus on grammar but instead emphasizes building confidence in communication by gradually introducing vocabulary and phrase structures. I think it does a great job simulating the language immersion experience to achieve this. I’ve studied Japanese through immersion abroad and French in a more traditional classroom setting. The ulpan method is much more like my experience with learning by immersion in a foreign country. You really get a deeper integration of what you learn and I think it comes much more quickly and sticks with you. I’ve had a lot of fun learning in these classes and would definitely recommend them to anyone who has an interest in learning Hebrew.
— Patrick Dyer

You guys were awesome. I definitely feel prepared to communicate when I arrive.
— Sanford Schimel

My experience has been exceptional. My instructor is a bright and engaging professional who produces original materials adapted for our small class of just three advanced students. Keeping us focused and on track for three hours, five days a week is no small task. Last week, we invested one full session on the subject of syntax (תָחבִיר), which sounds rather dull and dry. But it was just the opposite. What we learned adds such color, depth, and cohesion to written expression in Hebrew. Our instructor also excels at producing reading materials that stimulate animated discussion. The time flies by.  [Excerpted from “Hebrew Immersion, Without the Jet Lag,” Five Towns Jewish Times, July 14, 2016.]
— Gavriel Sanders

Working with Ahuva at Ha-Ulpan has been a wonderful experience for me. I had very little knowledge of the language and culture of Israel and after just one semester I have learned and retained an incredible amount of information. It is so nice to see how much joy it brings Ahuva to share what she knows with us, and she always goes out of her way to make our experience in and out of the classroom lots of fun! Learning Hebrew is not easy, but working with someone who loves what they do makes all the difference. I look forward to class every week!
— Summer R.

Your class has been the best Hebrew class that I’ve ever been in. I’ve never spoken as much, and I have never felt as confident. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was such a great group of people.
— Nicole R.

The program is very good. The teachers are from Israel and the environment very supportive for learning. It is the closest to an Israeli ulpan that I know. Also one unique feature of the Ha-Ulpan is that there are quite a few mature adults as well as younger people and the classes are small. This is much better for professional learning than the larger classes, where there is a greater mix of student levels in the class.
— S. S.

I really enjoy the class and plan to register again in the fall. I feel like my vocabulary and confidence in Hebrew have increased, and would even more if I were more diligent about studying outside of class.
— B. B.

Your ulpan has made such a difference when I go to Israel. I can participate in conversations with the family members who speak only Hebrew, understand the tours in Hebrew, and play Bananagrams in Hebrew with my cousins (and even win!). Because I teach, I have only been able to attend your classes in the summer, but even those short sessions have helped me. I am so appreciative when Chanuka comes and you treat your students to sightsee in Hebrew with an Israeli tour guide. I have learned about the history of synagogues in NY, delved into the story of Chana Senesh in-depth at the Jewish Heritage Museum, and had my breath taken away by ancient megillot and ketubot. The tour guide’s knowledge is amazing and the level of Hebrew is just right. The classes alone are worthwhile, and the tours are the icing on the cake!
— Amy Bassan

Photo of a group of students posing in a library

Thanks for the wonderful tour of the Jewish Museum last December! It was a rare treat to be given a tour in Hebrew, and Hagit clearly had done a lot of work to prepare for it. I’m sorry that I was never able to join the Ha-Ulpan museum tours in past years, and I really hope that I can go on the next one that you set up. It would be great if the students, teachers, and guide could all have lunch together afterwards to discuss the experience in Hebrew!
— Ma’ayan

I loved this class!! Ahuva made it so fun to learn and eliminated any self-conscious feelings. I loved the way we learned all letters, spoke and read in class, and turned things into games…. I’ve always been interested in studying Hebrew and now that I’m finally doing it I’m excited. I love how as we learn to read, write, and speak. We are also having conversations about Israeli culture. The class was very diverse and we all were respected and had a good time!
— Shari Weinbach

During lectures, Rabbi would write in Ivrit script. I could not understand the Ivrit script. After taking Ivrit with Mora Ahuva, I can now read Ivrit script. Just recently in class, I turned to my friend and said, “I understand what the rabbi just wrote!” My friend, who speaks Ivrit, laughed and congratulated me. Everyone in class is happy for me. They asked, “Zechariah, can I speak Hebrew to you now?” I said, “Not yet, I need more practice for fluency.” I was able to speak Ivrit when we were socializing. Everyone is happy for me.
— Zechariah Lewi

Miriam was a very effective and entertaining teacher. I would recommend her and the [mini-intensive] course to others.
— Alan LaVine

I enjoyed the mini-intensive. Miriam is a great teacher. I enjoyed the exercises we did to apply what we were learning. I would take a mini-intensive again if it fit into my schedule. Thanks for offering it. Unfortunately during the school year I can not make evening classes but I hope to return in the summer for another intensive.
— Julie Lobel

Just wanted to write you some lines to let you know how much I enjoy your classes. Every Tuesday I feel like I’ve been to Israel for few hours and I’ve enjoyed again being there. Thank you for making our class so vibrant, interesting, and full of new vocabulary and verbs that conform the beautiful and poetic Hebrew language. AT MORAH METZUYIENET. TODA RABAH LACH for your dedication and knowledge that you share with us in every class.
— Rocio Torres

The bottom line is that Ha-Ulpan is amazing and I highly recommend it. I have been learning with Ha-Ulpan for about a year now, and my Hebrew has improved tremendously. There is truly no substitute for this style of learning. I even started thinking in Hebrew. There is nothing like the time commitment of the intensive course to help you build a solid foundation in Hebrew, and I am still learning a lot in regular class once a week. Additionally, Ahuva Tal Hollander is an awesome teacher. She teaches by talking in Hebrew, which may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s really the most effective teaching method. For instance, instead of writing verbs on the board, she will explain them through a conversation. This allows the students to catch on much quicker. The class environment is also fun and interactive.
— K. W.

Thank you for a wonderful summer learning experience. I wish I could extend my time at Ha-Ulpan, but alas, it’s back to working reality. Thanks again for your time and effort. You are one of the most wonderful Hebrew teachers I ever had – the lessons were so full of joy and humor. It’s obvious that Ha-Ulpan’s teachers love what they do, and that’s why students love Ha-Ulpan.
— Rabbi Lynnda Targan

I had the pleasure to have studied at Ha-Ulpan for the last two years. Although I had not studied Hebrew in recent years, I had taken various courses in years past and had visited Israel a number of times. My Hebrew was pretty rusty. My grammar was terrible and I read with considerable difficulty. However, because of my background including Camp Ramah, I was able to slip into the advanced level. I found the course at Ha-Ulpan to be wonderful. The ‘ulpan’ method which has enabled thousands of ‘olim’ in Israel to master the language in record time is expertly applied at Ha-Ulpan by experienced teachers. I found my Hebrew improved dramatically. Most important, it didn’t feel like work; it was fun! I am a physician, with a busy medical practice, but soon found that I looked forward to my Tuesday evenings at Ha-Ulpan all week and was able to prepare for class with ease. I can say without reservation that my course with Ahuva Hollander was the best Hebrew course that I have ever had.
— Franklin Bocian, M.D.

After trying many other ulpanim in the area, I can finally and confidently say that through Ha-Ulpan, my command of the Hebrew language has increased by leaps and bounds. One day a week, I immerse myself for three hours in an environment where all interaction is conducted in Hebrew. I truly feel that I am now learning Hebrew in Hebrew. During a recent trip to Israel, I was able to conduct at least 90 percent of my daily activity in Hebrew. Experiencing Israel in Hebrew gave another dimension to my trip.
— R. S.

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