Free Hebrew Classes

This winter we are pleased to offer a free sample class of two of our special courses! Get a free taste of Documentary Films in Hebrew or News Media in Hebrew.

We are offering DOCUMENTARY FILMS IN HEBREW and NEWS MEDIA IN HEBREW. The first session of each course is free of charge. There is no obligation to enroll in the full course.

Yes, both classes are fully online, making it easy and convenient to join from nearly any location. We hold classes via Zoom. 

Since the classes are conducted entirely in Hebrew, you should be at the High Intermediate level or above. If you're unsure about your level, please give Ahuva a call at 917-446-6266 to discuss it. 

  • Documentary Films in Hebrew
    Wednesdays | 6:30 to 8:30 pm ET
    January 12 - April 13
    FREE CLASS: January 12 
  • News Media in Hebrew
    Tuesdays @ 2 - 4 pm ET
    January 18 - April 12
    FREE CLASS: January 18

Visit our enrollment page and sign up for the class of your choice. You can take one or both of the classes. To sign up for the free classes only, choose Taste of Documentaries in Hebrew or Taste of News in Hebrew. You can also choose to enroll in the full class at this time (the first class is still free!). 

Documentary films open an unmitigated channel to the culture, using both deep level conversations and spoken register of language. Israeli documentary cinema has been booming in the past decade, and during the two years of Covid, new film streaming routes have made Israeli doc movies much more accessible. This course offers a peep into the most current Hebrew language used by various Israelis, on- and (seemingly) off-camera, as seen via the lens of Israeli documentaries. We will watch, slow-mo listen to, and discuss documentary short and full-length films, on diverse topics and sectors of Israeli society.  The class will be held entirely in Hebrew and therefore is suitable for high intermediate students and above. New
vocabulary we'll meet will be listed and shared. Homework will be suggested but not obligatory.

This in-depth class will focus on Hebrew-language newspapers and news media, exploring the unique language used in news reporting. For High Intermediate and above (students should be familiar with passive verb structures). 

Send us an email at and we'll get back to you. 

What's My Level?

If you know little to no Hebrew, go ahead and register for Beginner Aleph.

All Others
All other students are strongly encouraged to contact us for an over-the-phone placement interview. This takes just a few minutes and will help us place you into the correct level. We’ll ask you some questions to assess your Hebrew skills and then recommend one of our classes.

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