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The ulpan method of teaching was developed during the founding of modern Israel — it’s a fun, lively, time-tested method that gets newcomers comfortable and able to speak, read, and write as quickly as possible.

Shalom! At Ha-Ulpan you’ll learn modern conversational Hebrew in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. Our certified instructors are native Hebrew speakers, highly experienced with helping adult learners break through barriers. We use Israeli teaching materials, including books and audiovisual aids carefully selected for American students. Ulpan students are totally immersed in an interactive Hebrew-speaking environment in small classes.

Our school welcomes all types of learners to an environment where you’ll feel comfortable regardless of your religious or cultural background. We’re not affiliated with any synagogue or religious or political movement. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and have many different reasons for wanting to learn Hebrew. Our gifted teachers skillfully consider your individual needs and differing learning styles and adjust classroom activities dynamically and organically.

Why Choose Ha-Ulpan for Hebrew?

Safe & Convenient Online Classes

Our faculty has creatively retooled their lessons to deliver an enjoyable and engaging classroom experience via Zoom. Online classes make it easy to join in from nearly any location, even if you’re not in NYC.

A Community of Learners

Join one of our classes and you’ll discover the joy of learning a language with other students who share the same goal. Each of our students has something unique to contribute .

A Class for Everyone

Whether you’re just learning the aleph-bet or you can already carry on extended conversations in Hebrew, we have a class for you. Start at the beginning, or take one of our classes in Hebrew literature or Israeli film.

We Make Learning Hebrew Fun and Easy

We hold many special events throughout the year for our students, from our Tu Bishvat party to our annual tour in Hebrew.

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One Thousand Words...

From alef (one) to elef (one thousand), one thousand words of Hebrew is all you need.

When the words are yours, you’ll communicate successfully on the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and come to understand prayer and ancient Jewish doctrine. In fact, 800 of the 1000 most-used Hebrew words are biblical words. Join us at Ha-Ulpan for a journey … a journey where you will acquire the words that reveal the treasures of the ancient world while opening doors to the excitement and energy of life in today’s Israel.

We invite you to take the first step on that life-changing journey today! Come claim your right! Revive it by learning it. Renew it by speaking it. Return it to its origin.

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