FAQs and Help

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept checks or money orders by mail, and major credit cards online. Signing up with PayPal is not required in order to make a credit card payment. For those who have PayPal accounts, we also accept existing funds, instant transfers, and e-checks. Please note that we can only accept credit cards via our website. Click on the button below to make a payment now:

Do you require a placement test?

Students who are new to Ha-Ulpan and have some previous Hebrew experience should contact us to discuss placement. You can call us at (917) 446-6266 for a quick over-the-phone assessment of your Hebrew skills. A written placement test is available [download here] but we prefer the phone method.

What about textbooks?

Textbooks are purchased the first day of class from your teacher. The cost of textbooks is not included in tuition.