Course Descriptions

Intensive Courses


Our intensive courses are ideal for motivated students who want an accelerated learning environment. Students are immersed in Hebrew for three hours a day for the duration of the session. Students typically cover two semesters' worth of Hebrew in just one month. We offer two sessions of intensive courses, one in July and another in August. Students can study in either a morning or evening time slot.


Our mini-intensive course is a two-week class usually held at the end of December. Students can learn up to one semester of Hebrew during the course.

Regular Ongoing Classes


Learn to speak, understand, read and write modern Hebrew. You'll converse from the first lesson. Reading and writing will be taught simultaneously. Knowledge of the alphabet is not required.


This is our Beginner Aleph class for students who can read Hebrew letters. Many people learn to read Hebrew for their bar or bat mitzvah, but cannot comprehend what they are reading. Open to students with basic Hebrew reading skills, or by placement.


This course is a continuation of Beginner Aleph. You will build your vocabulary, as you develop your skills in utilizing the present tense and infinitives. You will gain new confidence in all four language skills: speaking, understanding, reading and writing. Open to students who have completed Beginner Aleph, or by placement.


Practice and expand your skills and vocabulary. Open to students that have completed Beginner Bet, or by placement.


Continue to develop your Hebrew skills, as you learn the past tense. Open to students who have completed Advanced Beginner Aleph, or by placement.


Take your Hebrew to a higher level. Study the past tense in more binyanim (Hebrew paradigms) and verb conjugations, as you continue to build your speaking skills. Open to students who have completed Advanced Beginner Bet, or by placement.


Future tense is introduced. Build syntax and grammar skills, as you develop your ability to converse more fluently. Open to students who have completed Low Intermediate, or by placement.


Continue strengthening your Hebrew skills. Read a wide variety of material, including Hebrew literature. Follow-up discussions will enable you to build comprehension and fluency. Students will be introduced to Israeli media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Open to students who have completed Intermediate, or by placement.


Continue to develop all four language skills: speaking, understanding, reading and writing - at an advanced level. Open to students who have completed High Intermediate, or by placement.

Special Focus Classes


This is a one-session class for students who want to experience the ulpan format before enrolling. Open to beginners and intermediates.

BITE OF HEBREW (for high school students)

Bite of Hebrew is our program for graduates of day schools such as Heschel, Rodeph Shalom, MDS, Ramaz, Kineret, SAR, etc. Students who are not enrolled in a Jewish high school will be able to maintain and expand their Hebrew skills. The first half hour will be an informal gathering with kosher pizza and sushi. Open to day school graduates (Grade 8) or by placement.


This class teaches younger children (around age 8) modern conversational Hebrew using the ulpan method. Students will learn all four language skills in a relaxed, creative, interactive, fun way. Classes will meet once or twice a week beginning in September 2013. Please contact us with your child's name and age if you're interested in joining the class.


This course is for those students who are just starting out on their Hebrew journey. Our Shatil course consists of five introductory classes that will give you a solid foundation for reading Hebrew. Shatil will give you the confidence to enroll in Beginner Aleph.


Although grammar is taught at every class level, this course, by popular request, is dedicated exclusively to grammar. Half of each session will be devoted to learning fundamental principles and rules of Hebrew grammar. During the second half of each session, students will read and analyze a selection of Hebrew texts of all periods, where we will see those principles in action. This class is suitable for students of both biblical Hebrew and modern conversational Hebrew. Open to students who are studying High Intermediate or above, or by placement.


This advanced level class focuses on contemporary Hebrew literature. Students will be given the opportunity to request additional writings. Open to Advanced students, or by placement. Our spring semester course will focus on David Grossman's To the End of the Land. The class will do in-depth readings of selections from the Hebrew original. Students can prepare by reading the book in translation.Learn more about our Hebrew Literature course.


Learn Tanach and discuss ideas and commentaries in Hebrew. This course is for the advanced student.


Students will read and discuss a short story, with a focus on comprehending vocabulary and understanding the characters. The participants will then write a script and each student will take a role. Practicing and rehearsing the role will enhance your speech, delivery, speed, and intonation. You'll become more comfortable with your conversational and comprehension skills. At the conclusion of the course, the students will stage the play.


The course will address trends in contemporary Israeli cinema. We will read the screenplays of films such as Beaufort, Jelly Fish, and The Band's Visit, as a tool to look at the Israeli culture and conflicts while exploring colloquial modern Hebrew. The course will be taught by filmmaker Niv Klainer (director of 2009's Bena). Learn more about our Israeli Films course.


Students will enhance their language skills by singing songs in Hebrew.


This course will train you to use your computer in Hebrew: writing, reading, researching, and enjoying all that is available online from Israel. Students can stay after class to continue working with each another. Students must bring a laptop or tablet device to class.