About Ha-Ulpan

Established in January 2002, Ha-Ulpan teaches modern conversational Hebrew to adult students. Our students learn all Hebrew language skills — speech, comprehension, reading, and writing — using the successful Ulpan method. We use Israeli teaching materials, including books and audiovisual learning aids, which have been carefully selected for the enrichment of the American student. Students are totally immersed in an interactive Hebrew-speaking environment in small classes. Our instructors are certified, experienced native teachers.

Mission Statement

  • To teach and strengthen the knowledge of the Hebrew language by providing resources and developing skills that will create, enliven, and fuse ancient with modern.
  • To preserve and spread, through Hebrew, the cultural traditions of the Jewish people.

Our Staff

Ahuva Tal Hollander

Ahuva Tal Hollander, Ha-Ulpan's founder and director, was born in Israel and educated in Israel and the United States. She has served as director of the ulpan at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan and has taught at the ulpan of the Jewish Agency for Israel in New York City and in Israel. She has also authored several texts for students of Hebrew and is the recipient of awards for excellence, Master Teacher, and her dedicated service as a Jewish educator.

Rimma Berenshtein

Rimma Berenshtein has 14 years of teaching experience. She graduated from the Seminar Hakibitsim and pursued a master's degree in French and French literature at UIC. She holds a teaching certificate from Israel and a diploma in French language and civilization from Sorbonne University. In addition to teaching Hebrew to adults at Ha-Ulpan, Rimma teaches at Heschel High School in Manhattan.

Shoshana Hirsch

Shoshana Hirsch has been teaching for over forty years. She is a graduate of Queens College CUNY and the teacher's seminary at Givat Washington in Israel. In addition to teaching Hebrew at Ha-Ulpan, Shoshana is a teacher at Hebrew Academy of Nassau County.

Erellah Katz

Erellah Katz was born and raised in Israel. She graduated from the Israeli Music Academy and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before coming to New York with her husband. She worked many years for the Board of Jewish Education, both as a teacher in Hebrew day schools, and a master teacher/supervisor across many Long Island Jewish educational institutions. After earning an MBA and working in corporate America as a human resources managament consultant, she decided to return to her roots and follow her passion for the Hebrew language. For the last several years, she has been happily teaching adults, within the framework of the ulpan, in Manhattan and Long Island.

Yosef Levy

Yosef Levy was born in Yemen and made Aliyah to Israel during Operation Magic Carpet. After graduating from school, he served in the IDF for 2.5 years and went on to study at the Religious Teachers College. He holds degrees from Bar-Ilan University (BA), Boston University (MA Education), and Hebrew College in Jerusalem (MA). Yosef has taught in the U.S., Mexico, and Israel, where he taught modern conversational Hebrew to Olim in absorption centers. In addition to his classes at Ha-Ulpan, he currently teaches at HANK in West Hempstead and other synagogues in Queens and Long Island. "My educational work is interesting and challenging even after all these years," Yosef says. "I am very happy with my career choice."

Miriam Meir

Miriam Meir was born in Belgium and made aliyah with her family when she was nine years old. She still remembers vividly what it was like to learn to read, speak, play, think, write and live in Hebrew. After serving in the IDF intelligence service, Miriam got a BA degree in philosophy and biology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She also studied at the teachers' training program of the Rothberg School for International Students. She has taught Hebrew in various settings, including at the Jewish Theological Seminary, where she is also studying towards a PhD in Jewish literature. Miriam is deeply in love with Hebrew and loves teaching the language.

Ilana Sheinman

A native Israeli, Ilana Sheinman has been teaching Hebrew to students of all ages for over 25 years. She graduated cum laude from John Jay College in NYC with BS and MA degrees and holds teaching certificates from Hans Beit Teachers College in Jerusalem and the WZO's Ministry of Education and Culture. Ilana has been a Hebrew teacher at the JCC in New York and a lecturer at the University of Budapest, and has taught at the Jewish Agency, the Jewish Theological Seminary, and various synagogues. She also taught in a kibbutz in Israel, where she supervised and taught special needs youth.