An Authentic Ulpan Experience

Learn to Speak the Language of Israel

Shalom! At Ha-Ulpan you'll learn modern conversational Hebrew. Students learn all four Hebrew language skills — speech, comprehension, reading, and writing — using the successful ulpan method. We use Israeli teaching materials, including books and audiovisual aids, that have been carefully selected for American students. Our certified instructors are native Hebrew speakers who are experienced with adult learners. Students are totally immersed in an interactive Hebrew-speaking environment in small classes.

One Thousand Words....

From alef1 to elef2, one thousand words of Hebrew is all you need. Join us at Ha-Ulpan for a journey ... a journey where you will acquire words spoken by Jews for more than a thousand years in ancient Canaan. For the next two thousand years, written Hebrew was used for prayer and study. Biblical Hebrew developed further throughout the Mishnaic and Talmudic periods, the Middle Ages, and the Enlightenment. In fact, eight hundred of the thousand most used Hebrew words are biblical words. The resurgence of spoken Hebrew one hundred years ago, led by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and his friends, reinvigorated the language by adding newly created words, a process that continues to this very day.

We invite you to take the first step on that journey. Come claim your right! Revive it by learning it. Renew it by speaking it. Return it to its origin!

1 one   2one thousand

Why Choose Ha-Ulpan for Hebrew?

  • Five Convenient Locations

    We offer classes on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, the West Village, Brooklyn, and Queens.

  • A Community of Learners

    Join one of our classes and you'll discover the joy of learning a language with other students who share the same goal. Each of our students has something unique to contribute to our classes.

  • A Class for Everyone

    Whether you're just learning the aleph-bet or you can already carry on extended conversations in Hebrew, we have a class for you. Start at the beginning, or take one of our classes in Hebrew literature or Israeli film.

  • We Make Learning Hebrew Fun and Easy

    We hold many special events throughout the year for our students, from our Tu Bishvat party to our annual tour in Hebrew.

Classes start July 7 — Join Us Today

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what our students say

  • " I loved this class!! Ahuva made it so fun to learn and eliminated any self-conscious feelings. I loved the way we learned all letters, spoke and read in class, and turned things into games. "
  • – Shari Weinbach student
  • " Every Tuesday I feel like I've been to Israel for few hours. Thank you for making our class so vibrant, interesting, and full of new vocabulary and verbs that conform the beautiful and poetic Hebrew language. "
  • – Rocio Torres
  • student
  • " I wish I could extend my time at Ha-Ulpan, but alas, it's back to working reality. You are one of the most wonderful Hebrew teachers I ever had - the lessons were so full of joy and humor. "
  • – Rabbi Lynnda Targan
  • student
  • " The ulpan method which has enabled thousands of olim in Israel to master the language in record time is expertly applied at Ha-Ulpan by experienced teachers. I found my Hebrew improved dramatically. "
  • – Franklin Bocian
  • student